Saturday, January 8, 2011


The next meeting will be at the Auburn Library, 369 Southbridge Street, Auburn, MA 01501 from 10Am to 12:45 PM. There will be a short meeting and a sketching exercise. It will consist of a "Crazy Round Robin." A still life will be set-up and participants will have 10-15 minutes to do a value drawing (this is to get the slow pokes like me! to work faster). You will then pass the drawing to the person on your left and work on your new drawing for the alloted time. We will continue this until we run out of time or you get your original back. We will leave time for everyone to enjoy the creations! To furthur challenge you. You can only bring thee values, a light, meduim and dark of one color. So no excuses about having to drag all your pencils! I call blue! RSVP to Anyone interested in doing lunch afterwards is welcome.

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