Sunday, July 10, 2011

CPSA Chapter Display is ready for Nationals in Dallas!

Thank you to everyone who contributed an original 3 x 3 inch drawing for our chapter display at the National Convention in Dallas next week! I put the pieces together yesterday after a trip to Dick Blick's for supplies, and made the top banner today. The most important requirement (after getting all of these wonderful miniatures) is that it fit inside my suitcase. The banner will have to be re-attached when I get to Dallas. I still have to create a stand for the back so that it will stay upright on the display table. I'm excited that our chapter will have a contribution to the Hospitality Suite. I'm also going to type up a "key" that will read from top to bottom, left to right, with each artist's name and contribution.

(I hope the handwritten banner looks okay to everyone? I thought about doing something on the computer, but felt it might be more personal to do it this way. Anyone want me to change it?)


hbedrosian said...

It looks fantastic, Debbi! Thank you for putting it together!

Kendra said...

I forgot we were doing a display! Thanks for putting it together Debbi, I think it looks great. Handwritten banner is fine with me!